Natalie Rye

Natalie Rye is an artist operating in New York City.  She began her training at an early age.  Natalie combines her artistic expression with the natural world around her to create vibrant canvas that transfer the viewer to an ethereal plane.  Each painting in an emotional treatise of self discovery, using the power of mother earths wisdom to promote reflection, hope, healing, and cathartic release for the viewer.  Natalie's art is designed to bring light, love, and protection to the home.  She enjoys creating works that allow viewers to own a piece of the gift of nature right in the most urban of home environments.

In The Artist's Own Words

"Nature is delicate dancer. A lithe and brilliant force that permeates the senses with its timeless wisdom and light. Natures elegance, color, and movement work in tandem to create absolute beauty and peace in our reality. This is my subject and my inspiration. To express myself through nature's colorful dance. My art comes from my most vivid memories of nature and is communicated through vibrant color."